Overview : Eightwire automatically moves data between technology systems. With a powerful security model, it removes the risk of many data projects. Contact: heya@eight-wire.com. Business Intelligence.

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Free Trial

A 14 day trial for a Government Agency to use Eightwire. This trial account provides the same functions as our Enterprise license.Using the Eightwire exchange, agencies can link together databases, data files and applications for system-to-system data exchange. Eightwire has been built to accelerate the delivery of analytics and collaboration programmes that rely on personal information.

Per Company

Enterprise License

Many agencies need to ingest data from external organisations and integrate data across multiple internal systems. The enterprise license gives them all the features of data exchange to meet large scale needs. Agencies can ingest data from ad hoc external spreadsheets and build system-to-system exchange to power analytics and collaboration programmes.

Per Company

On-boarding (One off fee)

Eightwire takes your agency through the process of joining the data exchange. Onboarding includes setting up accounts and users, training staff (up to 10 staff), and delivering trial data processing. At the completion of the onboarding process your agency will have successfully onboarded to the exchange and will a functioning environment with completed test data processes.

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