Overview : There are 4 main parts to JM. Firstly, streamlining the process. By connecting the field with office-based teams and eradicating the need for paperwork. Secondly, empowering the field workers. Not only are they better informed of the work they are required to complete, but they are able to instigate tasks in the field that traditionally would have to be passed to central teams, incurring additional delays and effort. Thirdly, real-time visibility. Our software allows office or field-based managers and supervisors to have complete visibility of the location of each field worker, the activity that is in progress and work completed against the schedule. JM also has a feature that protects and monitors your lone field workforce. If your employees in the field feel their safety is at risk they can press the panic alarm or set up an alarm timer within the app.

Catalogues : Collaborative Working | Project Management and Planning

Categories : None None None None Booking, Scheduling and Diary Management | Project Collaboration | Task Management | Project Management

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