Overview : From big hospitals to small clinics, Celo helps healthcare professionals communicate better. Celo provides encrypted and instant healthcare compliant secure messaging available on iOS, Android and Desktop. Replace the non-compliant use of consumer messaging apps by moving to Celo. Designed by clinicians, for clinicians, Celo is easy to use and keeps patient information safe at all times. Contact: support@celohealth.com Website: www.celohealth.com. Services - Collaborative Working | Analytics and Business Intelligence Enterprise social networking, file sending and file sharing, project collaboration, task management Business Intelligence, Analytics, Reporting and dashboards

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Chat: instant healthcare compliant and encrypted communication. Capture: patient centred and safe clinical photography. Consent: capture patient consent using Celo's custom consent system Connect: Get in touch with your clinical colleagues easily, Secure calling now available. Integrate: Celo integrates with Electronic Medical Records.

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