Overview : Collaborate with stakeholders, your working team, cross-agency and expert advisory groups in a safe online place. Facilitate discussions and make decisions together to solve problems. Develop recommendations, policy, strategic plans and approve applications. Keep everyone in context and save the high cost of physical meetings. Contact us for more info and training packages.

Catalogues : Collaborative Working | Project Management and Planning

Categories : None None Idea Management | Project Management

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For agencies engaging stakeholders - Loomio group with unlimited subgroups - up to 500 people

Per Company


For teams and working group collaboration within and across Government agencies - Loomio group and unlimited subgroups - up to 100 people

Per Company

Training add-on - Setting up your group

To assist you to set up your Loomio group ready to invite people in. Includes; purpose, group description, software configuration, invitations, initial engagement preparation - discussions and proposals. Location: Wellington or online webinar. Price $800 one-off price for up to 1/2 day session.

Per Company